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You will be protected by health insurance in the amount of 750,000 €, which will cover the necessary costs of treatment and transport.
Accident insurance in the amount of 10,000 € will help your loved ones if the worst happens to you, or you if you become partially or completely unable to work.
According to your needs, you can choose how much you want to take out trip cancellation insurance, luggage and personal belongings insurance.
Some active and sporting activities during the trip are insured, even if you have not purchased additional protection.
New! Insurance coverage for Covid-19. More.
NB! Travel insurance deductible is 30 €. This amount will only need to be paid if something happens to your personal belongings, your travel plan changes, or you need liability insurance or legal assistance.

When is additional protection required?
For some trips, it is useful to arrange additional types of protection.

Travel involving hazardous activities
This additional protection is useful if you plan to participate in risky activities or engage in extreme sports. For example, skiing or snowboarding on unofficial routes, scuba diving with a depth of more than 10 meters, rock climbing at an altitude of 4500-5500 meters above sea level, etc. More.
sports trips
With this additional protection, you will have higher sums insured to protect your baggage or in the event of a trip interruption. Such protection also includes insurance for sports equipment and cases of sudden closure of tracks.
Work abroad
It is advisable to apply for this type of additional protection if you are going abroad for work or practice.
More detailed information can be found in the terms and conditions of insurance.

Why should you take out travel insurance?
Travel insurance will not take up space in your backpack, but it will help you in case of unexpected situations while traveling abroad.

Often, travel plans can be disrupted due to illness or transport delays. In some cases, the damage can amount to several thousand euros.
Treating an illness or injury abroad can be very expensive. Especially if you need special transportation (like a helicopter) or if you have to buy new air tickets to return home from a distant country. Sometimes such damage exceeds 150,000 €.
If luggage is damaged or personal items become the prey of thieves, the average damage is more than 500 €.

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